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Hi, I'm Jazzy Ellis!

I am a Certified* Intimacy Coordinator, SAG-AFTRA stunt performer & actor, and film/TV consultant.  With over 75 credits, I have worked a decade in the film/TV industry and received a SAG Award for my work as a stunt performer in Avengers: Endgame. 


As an Intimacy Coordinator (IC), I liaise between production and actors, advocate for performers, and coach movement for intimacy, simulated sex, and nudity.  I received my IC training from Intimacy Directors and Coordinators as a member of their first Level 3 certification cohort.  I am also certified in Mental Health First Aid and have trained in and continue to train in bystander intervention, anti-racism, allyship & advocacy, sexual orientation, anti-harassment, and conflict resolution.  Before working in film/TV, I worked as an educator, a professional dancer, and a lifelong advocate for the needs of marginalized people.

I bring knowledge from 30+ years of movement training and professional practice in ballet, breakdance, Latin dance, martial arts, yoga, and gymnastics.   I have danced professionally in regional dance companies, the movie Bolden, and music videos for Alicia Keys, J. Cole, and Maxwell.

My training focuses on the healing arts, as well.   I am a certified yoga teacher, meditation teacher, reiki master, life coach, and retreat facilitator.  I spent months in the Ecuadorian Amazon learning healing practices and plant medicines from shamans in Shuar and Uwijint villages for my Senior Thesis at Princeton University.

I am a Balanta-B'rassa (from Guinea-Bissau) and Akan (from Ghana) woman from New Jersey who enjoys learning about the culture (B'jah) and language (K'rassa) that my ancestors had before American slavery.  I check the "Black" box on American ethnicity forms.  I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and have enjoyed participating in social justice work within the organization for the last 15 years.  I love live music, karaoke, Latin dance, impromptu road trips, and outdoor adventures in my free time.

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*pending IDC level 4 mentorship

Thanks to Hulu's Creative Team, my journey in the stunt industry has been documented. Check out this video for a peek into my life as a professional stunt performer.

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