Intimacy Coordinator

​My name is Jazzy Ellis.  I received my Intimacy Coordinator training from Intimacy Directors and Coordinators as a member of their first Level 3 certification cohort.  An intimacy coordinator is an advocate, a liaison between actors and production, and a movement coach and choreographer regarding nudity, simulated sex, and other intimate and hyper-exposed scenes.

I adhere to the SAG-AFTRA Standards and Protocols for the Use of Intimacy Coordinators.  I am certified in Mental Health First Aid. I have trained in and continue to train in bystander intervention, anti-racism, allyship & advocacy, sexual orientation, anti-harassment, and conflict resolution.  Before working in film/TV, I worked as an educator, a professional dancer, and a lifelong advocate for the needs of marginalized people.  I bring knowledge from 30+ years of movement training and work. ​My training focuses on the healing arts, as well.   I am a certified yoga teacher, meditation teacher, reiki master, life coach, and retreat facilitator.  I lived in the Ecuadorian Amazon learning healing practices and plant medicines from shamans in Shuar and Uwijint villages for my Senior Thesis at Princeton University.​

The services I offer as an Intimacy Coordinator are below.  Please schedule a call with me for more details.