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Do you have a scene for film or television that involves nudity/hyper-exposed work, simulated sex acts, and/or intimate physical contact? Then I recommend you hire an Intimacy Coordinator.  The Intimacy Coordinator (IC) is:

  • the advocate for the performers,

  • the liaison between actors and production,

  • and the movement coach and choreographer.

ICs set up a structure and help facilitate the scene.  Intimacy Coordinators are similar to Stunt Coordinators, but instead of stunts, we're coordinating intimacy.


If your scene requires an Intimacy Coordinator, book a call or email me and we'll talk through the next steps to make sure your production makes the safest decisions for everyone involved from the beginning.

If you're not sure if you need to hire an Intimacy Coordinator, check out the SHORT QUIZ and other resources below.  And of course, you can always, book a call or email me and we'll talk through your safest options.

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When you hire me, Jazzy Ellis, as the Intimacy Coordinator for Your
Film, Television, or Commercial Production, This is What I Bring:


SAG-AFTRA Standards and Protocols for the Use of Intimacy Coordinators & its recommended trainings and expertise, including:

  • Consent training

  • Anti-harassment/anti-sexual harassment training

  • Movement coaching and masking techniques

  • Proper use of modesty garments and barriers

  • Mediation or conflict resolution training

  • Gender identity & sexual orientation training

  • Anti-racist/EDI training

  • Bystander intervention

  • Mental health first aid, trauma stewardship


75+ hours of training, including a state and federal background check with Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) to become a Certified* Intimacy Coordinator.



BA in Religion, Pre-Med. Princeton University 2010.

Senior Thesis: "Healing in the Ecuadorian Amazon: The Right to Spiritual and Medical Traditions"


10 years in the film/TV industry as a stunt actor with 75+ credits and a SAG Award!!

As an actor, I've had to handle my own intimate scenes firsthand without an IC.



30+ years of movement training, performance, and coaching, including:

  • ballet

  • breakdance

  • Latin dance

  • gymnastics

  • yoga

  • martial arts


15+ years as a practitioner of the healing arts, including:


  • certified yoga teacher 

  • certified meditation teacher

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified Life Coach

*Certification pending 10hrs of on-the-job IDC Level 4 mentoring.


**I work with a sliding scale for lower budget and independent projects.  Please don't let my rates intimidate you. Reach out if you'd like to work with me if you are a No-to-low-budget SAG-AFTRA or Non-Union project.**

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