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Jazzy Ellis's IMDb Page

Discover the extensive film and TV credits of Jazzy Ellis, a skilled Intimacy Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Actor, and Producer. Click the image above to explore the accomplished work and notable achievements that have shaped Jazzy Ellis' successful career in the entertainment industry.

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Join WiFT-Louisiana

Click the logo above to join WiFT-Louisiana today and unlock a vibrant community that empowers, supports, and celebrates women in the film/TV industry. Gain access to invaluable networking opportunities, educational programs, and industry insights that will propel your career to new heights. Join us as we shape the future of filmmaking and make your mark in Louisiana's thriving cinematic landscape.


Intimacy Coordinating

Jazzy Ellis is a Certified* Intimacy Coordinator

Click the image above to determine if your film/TV/new media/theatre production would benefit from the expertise of an Intimacy Coordinator or to enlist the services of Jazzy Ellis as the Intimacy Coordinator for your project.

*Pending IDC Lv4 Mentorship

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Jazzy Ellis's StuntPOC Page

Click the image above to secure the professional services of Jazzy Ellis as a skilled Stunt Performer for your SAG-AFTRA film/TV/commercial production.

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Safety Meeting:

On Stunts, Intimacy & Adventure

w/ Jazzy Ellis

Click the image above to access the podcast hosted by Jazzy Ellis, a renowned Stunt Performer and Intimacy Coordinator. Gain valuable insights into the world of stunts, intimate scenes, and real-world adventures, with practical tips, safety considerations, and behind-the-scenes details.

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Hulu's Your Attention Please

Hulu's Your Attention Please

Season 2, Episode 1

Click the animated image of Jazzy above to witness the inspiring journey of how Jazzy Ellis forged her path as a professional stuntwoman. Experience the story behind her remarkable career and the dedication that propelled her to success.

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Acting Reel

Jazzy Ellis's Acting Reel

Click the image above to view Jazzy Ellis's professional acting reel showcasing her range and talent.

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Stunt Reel

Jazzy Ellis's Stunt Reel

Click the image above to view Jazzy Ellis's professional stunt reel, showcasing her exceptional skills and expertise in the world of action in film and TV.

Kneeling Protestors

Spark Your Activism

Spark Your Activism

Click the image above to stay informed about pressing current issues and find your purpose in addressing them, taking action towards making a meaningful impact.

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