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Click the photo above to see a list of Jazzy's film/TV credits.


Intimacy Coordinating

Did you know that Jazzy Ellis completed training to be a Certified Intimacy Coordinator?

Do you have scenes that involve  nudity/hyper exposed work, simulated sex acts, and/or intimate physical contact?

Click the photo above to learn more about Intimacy Coordinating and to take a quiz to see if you should hire an Intimacy Coordinator for your production!

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Jazzy's Stuntpoc Page

Hire a stunt performer with 10 years in the profession.  Click the photo to hire Jazzy Ellis as a stunt performer for your SAG-AFTRA production.

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[podcast] Safety Meeting: on Stunts, Intimacy & Adventure

Hosted by Jazzy Ellis, Stunt Performer and Intimacy Coordinator, this podcast contains tips, tricks, safety considerations, and behind-the-scenes details of stunt scenes, intimate scenes and real-world adventures. If you have a question for me regarding working in film/TV, LEAVE A VOICE NOTE at Spotify and I'll answer for $FREE on the podcast!

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Your Attention Please

Click the cartoon-Jazzy above to learn more about Jazzy's stunt career from Black History Month Special, Hulu's Your Attention Please Season 2, Episode 1.

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Acting Reel

Click the photo above to see Jazzy's Acting Reel

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Stunt Reel

Click the photo above to see Jazzy's Stunt Reel

Kneeling Protestors

Spark Your Activism

Click the photo of protesting fists above for links pertaining to current events. Stay informed. Stay active in the world around you.

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